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lucid dreams - Lucid Dreaming Medicine!
Lucid flying dreams – a common experience shared by Flying Potion users…

Since releasing the ‘Flying Potion’ last December we have received some truly amazing testimonials! People regularly testify not only on behalf the Flying Potion’s adaptogenic health benefits, but also the powerful influence it has over the mind, meditation practice and the experience of lucid dreaming… Profound flying dreams with great meaning and heightened lucidity are a common experience shared by regular users of this unique and powerful formula.



Here are three recent accounts given by ‘Flying Potion practitioners’ of various levels of experience:

1) “I had a very lucid medicine dream involving mosquitoes and protecting myself from them with catnip oil – reminding me to set clear boundaries and protect myself from energy drain. The second part of the dream involved the appearance of fire ants that did not directly affect me as I was an onlooker. Some dude was stepping on them. The ant, a symbol of cooperation and community – I must be mindful of anyone squashing that. The last part of the dream there was a ginormous flying hairy caterpillar chasing me – again the message of patience is strong in this dream, reminding me that everything happens according to it’s own time, an evolution, a metamorphosis can not be rushed, nor can I run from it.

I had another lucid, hypnopompic dream wherein I was standing under the blooming crepe myrtle in the moonlight, only in the dream it looked more like a cherry tree. Hummingbirds of every variety flitted around me. I took the feeder off the branch and held it while they continued to sip. I could feel the brush of their wings against my hand. When they flew off I ran into the house yelling, “GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED”. I reached down and scooped up a handful of blossoms and a bumble bee that were strewn about the tile foyer and carefully tossed them into the night air. I awoke at sunrise.” Wendy Cook, Virginia, USA.

2) “I have had the pleasure of trying a new member to the Nyishar family – the Flying Potion – and as with other Nyishar tinctures that I use on a regular basis this also does not disappoint. Upon taking a dropper-full at night time I was overcome by a sense of calm and inner peace. I felt totally relaxed but not sedated which I really appreciate because this is when I do the majority of my reading. I have also noticed my problem solving and decision making abilities have increased ten fold with a reserved calmness, and my ability to tolerate other people has vastly improved which has been something of a challenge for me over the past 25 years.

The biggest surprise was consuming the Flying Potion right before going to bed. I experienced very weird dreams the first couple of nights which was slightly unsettling but I put this down to the Flying Potion working with my higher self and re-organizing and detoxing my mind. After experiencing this I noticed some genuine improvements over the following week: my sleep had became deeper and my dreams became more vivid and the content richer and more meaningful. I recently took the Flying Potion before going to bed and woke up the following morning after a vivid dream in which I was talking to my Mum who died nearly 10 years ago. I woke up in such a positive mood which really created an excellent start to the day.

I have tried the ingredients in this tincture as single herbs with success but this unique formula is balanced and the synergistic effect of combining these amazing herbs together makes for a powerful and transformative experience. I hope that you try this Formula and have your own amazing experience with the Flying Potion!” – Brent S, NSW, Australia.

3) “Hey Paul, Just wanted to let you know that I have been using my beautifully crafted ‘Flying Potion’ for a few days now and have been feeling very calm and happy and am looking forward to some flying dreams. I had some lucidity in a violent dream last night where I felt like I was in control and I woke up feeling great! 

I have also been giving it to my girlfriend who is pregnant (we only have 8 weeks left to go) and she is suffering with a lot of pelvis pain at the moment, and the Flying Potion seems to be keeping her spirits up during this testing time so all is good.

Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your efforts mate, I have been a long time subscriber of your youtube channel and have always been fascinated by your vids and love sharing them with my friends and family. Really happy to see you do so successfully with Nyishar and I’ll be using more products in the future as well as recommending them to those who are special in my life. Keep up the good work man and thanks again, Carl.” – Carl Billingham, Northamptonshire, UK.


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