The Nyishar Ambassador Program!

Welcome to the new Nyishar Ambassador Program! We have wanted to work on this project for quite some time and are very excited to see it now coming to life!

What is it you say? Well, simply put, we are collaborating with health conscious individuals whom we have great respect for – people at the top of their game in their chosen field, pushing the boundaries of what is possible while prioritising their health and wellbeing in order to make it all happen. This could be in the realm of sport, art, music or anything that explores beyond the boundaries of limitation…

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The first new member of the Nyishar family is Alex Kennedy – Alex is a professional BMX rider and all-round health wizard. His ability on a bike is quite frankly amazing, filled with creativity and oozing with style… He’s been using Nyishar products for quite a while to enhance his performance, shorten his recovery times and keep his mind sharp, so it was truly an honour to have him officially join the team!

Alex just finished filming his ‘Welcome To Nyishar’ video part, which was filmed over the course of one week in and around the Greater London area, using the DJI Inspire 1 professional camera drone. Watch the video below:


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