Wild Yogi’s Tonic

Nyishar Wild Yogi’s Tonic is a concentrated formula that is designed to perfectly compliment the yogic lifestyle, although it is equally suited to anyone whose day-to-day life is both physically & mentally demanding. This potent, anti-stress formula consists of 3 rare and very powerful tonic adaptogens (Wild Tibetan Rhodiola, Tibetan Goji Berry & Wild Schizandra Berry) that work synergistically to:

  • Balancing to all constitutional types
  • Nourishes the 5 primary organ systems (spleen, kidneys, liver, lungs & heart)
  • Dilate the energy channels/meridians & promote the circulation of prana
  • Increase mental clarity/emotional stability
  • Increase focus & concentration
  • Support meditation practice
  • Increase endurance & stamina
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Nerve & respiratory tonic
  • Increase oxygen absorption & utilisation
  • Enhance post-exercise recovery
  • Provides immunological support

Please Note: This is a limited edition product that may not always be available due to the rarity of certain ingredients.

All of the herbs in this formula have been used for thousands of years by advanced yogis, monks and holy people as a support for the practice of attaining complete mastery over the body and mind, and thus making genuine spiritual progress. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what is in Nyishar Wild Yogi’s Tonic:


Tibetan Rhodiola (Rhodiola Sacra) is quite possibly the most powerful adaptogen in the world. Although in some ways similar to the far more widespread Rhodiola Rosea, Tibetan Rhodiola is much rarer and difficult to come by, and the 2 species have an entirely different makeup of active constituents. Biologically active phyto-chemicals called “rosavins” are the most well studied aspect of Rhodiola Rosea, yet Rhodiola Sacra doesn’t even contain any rosavins. Instead, it’s most prominent constituents are salidrosides, plant sterols, flavonoids, volatile oils and a selection of powerful antioxidants. Tibetan Rhodiola has been a deeply revered herbal substance by the Tibetan people for thousands of years and is treasured just as much now as it ever was due to its rarity and the sheer magnitude of its potency. Even the botanical name Rhodiola “SACRA” gives us a clear indication that the Tibetan people consider this plant to be truly sacred. It was even written about approximately 2000 years ago in the Shen Nong BenCao as a “superior herb that increased lifespan and expanded wisdom”.

The Tibetan Plateau really is one of the harshest and most unforgiving environments on the planet. It is extremely cold & dry, and is at such a high elevation that there is very little oxygen. This makes it very difficult for anything to survive there – only the most adaptive & resilient can succeed. Although rare, Rhodiola Sacra has thrived within its own ecological niche for an incredibly long time despite these extreme conditions, which speaks volumes about the powerful spirit of this plant.

It has long been a precious ally for mountain yogi’s and meditation masters and has supported them in the process of developing complete mastery over the body & mind. It is famed for being able to seriously increase our ability to absorb and utilise oxygen – an invaluable benefit in such a challenging climate where the air is so thin. It can increase lung capacity and is an excellent respiratory tonic, so it offers support for strenuous physical activity and can help bring relief to conditions like asthma. It is incredibly nutrient dense with over 30 different trace minerals & 18 different amino acids – which would have traditionally been an invaluable food-source as throughout Tibet’s history there was often very little to eat…

Although most of us don’t live in such challenging circumstances, we still live in an incredibly stressful environment, which is one of the reasons that Tibetan Rhodiola is the ultimate ally for the modern world as well as the ancient world of yogis and mountain hermits. It can alleviate the debilitating effects of both chronic & acute stress because it regulates the central nervous system with a bi-directional activity – stimulating or lowering function according to our personal requirements. It is always working in dynamic harmony with our own unique situation, through a kind of “wild intelligence” that is shared with us as we deepen our connection to this wondrous herb. This dual-directional behaviour also benefits the immune system by catering to our specific needs. If we need to stimulate immune function then Tibetan Rhodiola can oblige, whereas if we need to calm things down it is able to moderate immune behaviour. It is also regarded as a powerful hormonal adaptogen because of its ability to restore a sense of equilibrium to the endocrine system, and to maintain that stability once balance has been achieved.

This herb has also exhibited strong antiviral, anti-carcinogenic & antimicrobial properties, as well as being able to protect our cellular integrity from harmful radiation exposure.

Tibetan Rhodiola has shown that it is capable of significantly improving our physical and mental endurance. It was and is cherished by spiritual practitioners in Tibet because it increased their ability to perform advanced yogic exercises and to sit in meditation for extended periods of time while remaining calm and focused. We too can reap these awesome benefits, although they equally apply to athletic performance, physically hard & mentally demanding work, or really anything that tests our endurance. It also improves the speed and efficiency of our recovery after such strenuous experiences.

Throughout history one of the key reasons why Tibetan Rhodiola was considered to be such a sacred substance is due to the powerful effect it can have on calming and stabilising the mind and assisting with deep meditation and spiritual practice. It is an amazing heart tonic that is said to allow a more “heart centred perception” to arise, broadening our perspective on life and enabling us to realise the interconnected nature of reality. It increases clarity, focus & concentration and activates our innate creativity. It can allow us to remain focused on one object for an extensive period of time with a lot less distraction, and also has a very positive impact on improving memory.

Tibetan Rhodiola works to harmonise our mental & emotional turbulence in order to create stability and peace within us, and has shown incredible results as a natural antidepressant and support for anxiety. It truly is a magical plant that enjoys an almost mythical status. Tibetan Rhodiola cannot really be imitated through cultivation – it is the wildness of this plant that makes it so special and has earned it the reputation of being a profound spiritual catalyst and health promoting agent for thousands of years in one of the most unforgiving environments on this planet…


Tibetan Goji Berries are the best in the world. They are grown in the pristine yet hostile conditions of the Qaidam Basin on the vast Tibetan Plateau. At 3000 meters above sea level they get plenty of direct sunshine and are fed glacial melt-water from the Himalayan peaks. The soil here is extremely mineral-rich, although not too many other plants are able to exist in these extreme conditions. There is an enormous difference between daytime and nighttime temperature. Only the strongest and most adaptive species can survive at this lofty elevation. Goji berries grown in this area do take much longer to reach maturity, but when they do they are superior to any other Goji in the world.

Goji is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. It is absolutely packed with antioxidants and is a powerful tonic for the lungs, kidneys and liver. It has anti-inflammatory properties, enhances immune function, stabilises blood sugar, is incredible at supporting vision & eye health, and is a renowned chemo-protective substance that can help to protect healthy cells from deteriorating under chemotherapy & radiation exposure. It has been literally worshipped as a longevity tonic for thousands of years, and was praised by Li Ching Yuen as one of the main reasons why he lived for 252 years!

According to Taoist health philosophy, Goji is a “yin jing tonic”, which basically means that it deeply nourishes and restores our most fundamental life force, builds vitality, longevity and enhances our ability to reproduce. We are born with a finite amount of this “jing essence” and we can burn through it faster from stress, toxicity, poor diet and inappropriate lifestyle. Goji however, is considered to be the quintessential “jing herb”, so it helps us to begin replenishing this lost vitality.

It is immensely nutritious and contains all essential amino acids – making it a complete source of protein. It has 21 trace minerals and is a rich source of vitamin C, B vitamins and antioxidants. It has more carotenoids than any other natural substance on Earth, which is why Goji is such an amazing eye medicine. The polysaccharides in Goji also make it a slow release form of energy to consume, and they directly influence the immune system helping it to remain balanced and precise. Goji also helps to protect our intracellular DNA from becoming damaged, and it is known to stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete more human growth hormone.



Schizandra is truly one of the most complete natural medicines that exists. It is among the top echelon of tonic adaptogens, sharing status with the legendary Reishi, Ginseng and Rhodiola amongst select others. It is known as the fruit with 5 flavours simply because it contains all 5 primary tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, salty & pungent (spicy), which directly nourish the 5 primordial elements and their corresponding organ systems – spleen, kidneys, liver, lungs & heart. Schizandra also enters and dilates all 12 main energy channels/meridians within the body, allowing the subtle pranic energy to circulate more freely with less obstruction. From the Taoist perspective it is considered to be a 3 treasure tonic just like other superstar adaptogens like Reishi Mushroom. This means that Schizandra fortifies all 3 foundational energies – JING (fundamental life essence), QI (the animation of that essence), and SHEN (our spiritual potential).

Schizandra is an amazing liver tonic that stimulates the regeneration of liver cells, and is frequently used as part of a detox protocol because it not only liberates unwanted contaminants from the liver, but also inhibits these harmful substances from getting reabsorbed by the body by escorting them towards the elimination channels for safe evacuation. It is also hepato-protective – it protects the integrity of the liver from harmful chemical contaminants and the degeneration that accompanies radiation exposure.

Schizandra is famed for its youthening properties and longevity increasing potential, and is known for elevating the reproductive potential in both men & women. Because it is so astringent, Schizandra is able to lock in the vital moisture of the skin, and it’s high antioxidant content protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation on the outside. It’s also a great respiratory tonic that is both anti-inflammatory and an expectorant, so it is very effective as part of a natural treatment strategy for asthma.

Schizandra is known to regulate central nervous system function, enhance focus, concentration and memory and stimulate creativity. As a premier shen tonic it is an excellent ally to include in any strategy for treating depression and anxiety. Like all of the herbs in this formula, it holds the ability to open the heart centre, which has been regarded for millennia as the physical & energetic location of our consciousness – the nature of our minds. The clarity of perception that accompanies a deepening relationship with Schizandra is one of the primary reasons it has been held in such lofty regard and deemed a spirit tonic with profound implications


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