Chaga Polaris - 60g

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- Potent anti-stress adaptogen
- Immune system enhancer
- Highest antioxidant content
- Anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-allergy
- DNA-protective/cellular regeneration
- Rich source of trace elements

Chaga Polaris is the newest addition to our growing range of extract powders, and as you might expect, the production process has seen no corners cut, nor expense spared. The level of production is second to none. Chaga cannot yet be cultivated to medicinally viable standards, so it must be of wild provenance. We use only the purest quality Chaga from the northern-most latitudes of the world. The Chaga sclerotia is sustainably harvested before being tested for environmental pollutants to ensure safety and is then dried before entering the extraction phase.

As the various bioactive compounds & assorted nutrients within Chaga are either soluble in alcohol or water, the sclerotia is extracted via pressurised hot water and then extracted via organic ethanol separately - both of these extraction processes are repeated multiple times until the fungal material has yielded everything of medicinal value. It is subsequently spray-freeze-dried to create the resulting fine-grain powder and to ensure it is 100% free from ethanol/alcohol residue. There are absolutely no fillers or additives used in this product whatsoever. This extract is bottled in Miron Violet Glass – the best quality glass in the world – in order to protect and preserve the integrity of this outstanding medicine from ultraviolet degradation.

Because the source material is such high quality and the extraction process is so precise and thorough, it results in the most potent & effective Chaga product money can buy. This is not exaggerated marketing - it is scientifically provable fact. Take a look at the authorised 'Supplement Facts' label for this product in the image gallery at the top of this page.

Most mushroom extracts are either hot water extracts or they are dual-extracts (hot water & ethanol) but the dual-extraction is performed in a single step (water & ethanol combined). This produces an impure, low potency dual-extract that is low in the bioactive markers we are looking for. Considering Chaga, a thorough & pure, multi-step extraction of high quality wild sclerotia should yield an end product that is rich in bioactive markers such as polysaccharides (in particular beta-glucans) as well as terpenoid compounds like betulin and betulinic acid. There are hundreds of medicinally active compounds in Chaga, but these are some of the bioactive constituents that are naturally present in the highest quantities, are the most researched and that are fundamentally involved in the health benefits we expect from a Chaga product. Therefore it is important for us to test for these as markers for a high quality Chaga extract.

The overwhelming majority of extract powders on the market will not specify the exact presence of these compounds, simply because they are not present in any significant quantity, if at all. A high percentage of polysaccharides is not a reliable marker either as many producers are using dextrin, maltodextrin or corn starch as additives to increase the overall percentage of polysaccharides, even though they are not from Chaga and contain no medicinal value. Therefore, analysing for specific beta-glucans gives us a clear picture of just how potent a Chaga supplement is, and the percentage of triterpenes/betulin will show us that a dual-extraction has indeed taken place and many important sterols & triterpenoids are present. The higher the percentages will indicate that a multi-step extraction process has been performed and the product is optimally potent, as well as free from therapeutically useless fillers & additives.

Chaga Polaris showcases the true medicinal potency of Chaga mushroom because it has been created for the sole purpose of delivering reliable quality & potency, without cutting any corners whatsoever. This is a very strong and concentrated extract - a little truly does go a long way.

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Supplement Facts

Ingredients: Wild Inonotus Obliquus dual-extract powder.

Net Weight: 60g

Serving Size: 1g (half a teaspoon)

Serving Per Container: 60

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