About Nyishar

About Nyishar

About Nyishar

Many years ago I began to study health and disease, and began supplementing with medicinal fungi to strengthen immunity and augment mental and emotional wellbeing. At that time it quickly became apparent that the range of products available were mostly low quality and the production methods lacked transparency. Searching for the purest and most potent extracts for my health and the health of my family had proven to be a challenge, and so, from that realisation Nyishar was first conceived.

A journey began to discover exactly what constituted a superior mushroom product, how it was initially cultivated and extracted – all of the steps required to create natural medicine with integrity; quality and effectiveness being the only priorities. Many years of research and education have enabled us to continually refine our products to be the very best in their field. You can browse all of our products in THE SHOP.

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We also see this as a responsibility – we must share what we learn so that other people can not only appreciate the potential health benefits of medicinal fungi, but also the processes required in developing a truly superior product. Cutting corners and lowering quality standards in favour of branding and marketing is an endemic practice to the mushroom extract industry. Therefore, educating ourselves and each other on this topic is the antidote.

This is why we have published detailed monographs on each of the mushrooms we work with here at Nyishar, which you can explore HERE. We also have hundreds of hours of educational content on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and are also developing online courses on medicinal fungi as well as introductory lessons to traditional Tibetan medicine.

As a student of health my own personal trajectory led me to study and practice the ancient healing art of TIBETAN MEDICINE. This system of healing is based upon the dynamic forces of nature and how the body, mind and surrounding environment are not separate from one another. Tibetan medicine is built upon the complex understanding of ‘tendrel‘; a Tibetan word for ‘interdependence’; the nature of this reality.

This encompasses a sophisticated system of diagnosis and treatment, all in accordance to these natural principles. The aim is to help the body and mind to adapt to the changing conditions of life and result in greater harmony and equilibrium, reducing pathological symptoms and promoting vitality. I offer both online and in-person consultations. Introductory and follow-up sessions can be booked HERE.

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Paul Rimmer

Nyishar founder