Consultations are based upon the profound and complete system of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, while being infused with my own experience of self healing – recovering from injury and disease – and helping so many other people to do the same throughout my years as a practitioner.

The consultation process is thorough and precise – exploring your personal situation from several perspectives simultaneously in order to gain precise and effective insight into the nature of the condition.

In a consultation we will:

– Determine your personal constitution according to the 5 elements
– Examine your current health issues from physical, mental/emotional, and subtle energetic perspectives
– Employ diagnostic techniques such as pulse, tongue and urine analysis
– Assess dietary & lifestyle requirements that will support healing and health maintenance
– Discuss appropriate herbal remedies for body & mind
– Explore external therapies that can enhance the healing process

Please note: In-person sessions will allow us to utilise pulse diagnosis, which is not possible in a distance consultation.

Online clients are required to send a well packaged/protected urine sample asap (those in other countries please use a courier service), and to take a high-resolution photo of the tongue while exposed to natural light (daylight).

Images of the upper surface, tip and underside of the tongue are all essential for an accurate diagnosis. They will also need to complete and return a ‘constitution questionnaire’ before the session. This process of gathering information is essential because it allows us to paint a detailed picture of your current situation, enabling us to create the most accurate and beneficial strategy for you.

Online sessions will be conducted via skype or delivered as a private video.

-> Paul is curently working on other projects. In person consultations will resume very soon. Thank you for your patience. <-