Jing Redux - 30ml

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- Rebuilds both yin & yang aspects of our primordial Jing essence
- Restores foundational energy & vitality
- Restores healthy hair, skin & nails
- Builds bone density & strengthens joints, cartilage & connective tissue
- Helps support lower back, knees, hips & ankles
- Promotes physical endurance, post-workout and injury recovery
- Excellent kidney/adrenal tonic
- Increases fertility and sexual vigour
- Excellent recovery after childbirth
- Builds healthy blood
- Enhances immune function

Nyishar Jing Redux is a perfectly balanced formula that restores our deepest vitality - Jing. This formula offers excellent support when recovering from stress and exhaustion and facilitates physical healing of the joints, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons. It revitalises our youthfulness and enhances fertility and sexual vigour for both men & women.

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Supplement Facts:

Prepared Ho Shou Wu (1:2), Prepared Rehmannia (1:2), Wild Eucommia (1:2), Wild Epimedium (1:2), Astragalus Root (1:2), Pure Quintuple-Distilled Alcohol (40% abv).

Volume: 30ml

Serving Size: One full squirt (30 drops)

Serving Per Container: 30

Directions: Squirt the tincture into the mouth and hold underneath the tongue for two minutes before swallowing.

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