Lion's Mane Sovereign - 30ml

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Lion's Mane Sovereign Dual-Extract:

- Nerve regeneration/heals nerve damage
- Rebuilds myelin
- Immune enhancement
- Gastro-protective
- Antimicrobial/Anti-Candida
- Supports healing from injury
- Improves long & short term memory
- Natural medicine for Alzheimers and senility

Nyishar Lion's Mane Sovereign Dual-Extract is concentrated at a 1:2 ratio, meaning that one part mushroom has been macerated in two parts liquid solvent, making this an incredibly potent extract. It is a complete extract utilising both parts of the fungus: both the organic fruiting body and liquid fermented mycelium undergo hydro-ethanolic extractions separately.

In total four extracts are produced, ethanol extractions of both fruiting body and mycelium, and pressurised hot water extracts of fruiting body and mycelium. Each of these extracts are triple-filtered and combined to produce a complete medicine which incorporates all aspects of this important species.

The fruiting body is organically cultivated on mature wooden logs harvested from a biodiverse forest ecosystem, in a controlled environment to ensure maximum purity and medicinal potency of the mushroom. The mycelium is not grown on a solid substrate and therefore contains no grains, fillers, excipients or residue whatsoever. It is liquid fermented to produce a pure mycelium that is rich in the properties this species has become well known for, most notably the terpene-bound polyphenols that promote nerve-growth-factor.

Dual-extracting both parts of this fungus ensure that it also possesses the properties it has been celebrated for in traditional Chinese medicine, such as the gastro-protective, antimicrobial and immune-supporting qualities.

Most Lion's Mane supplements on the market are made from the fruiting body only, and the majority of those are hot water extracts and don't involve an ethanolic process. Dual-extracting both parts of this fungus (fruiting body & mycelium) is essential if we are to harness its full potential as a neuro-regenerative medicine. Also, hot water extracting in a sealed, pressurised environment is necessary if we are to collect and preserve the integrity of many important compounds responsible for these benefits. For more information, watch the video above.

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Supplement Facts:


Organic Hericium erinaceus fruiting body (1:2), liquid-fermented Hericium erinaceus pure mycelium, rectified ethanol, spring water (from volcanic soil).

Volume: 30ml

Concentration: 1:2

Serving Size: One full squirt (30 drops approx)

Serving Per Container: 30

Directions: Squirt the tincture into the mouth and hold underneath the tongue for two minutes before swallowing.

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