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Imperial Cordyceps - Concentrated Multi-Step Dual-Extract

  • Increases ATP (cellular energy) production
  • Increases oxygen absorption & utilisation
  • Enhances physical & mental performance
  • Increases endurance/anti-fatigue
  • Powerful restorative/rejuvenating medicine
  • Increases lung capacity/improves respiratory function
  • Increases focus, determination & mental clarity
  • Anti-stress adaptogen
  • Enhances libido in both men & women
  • Immune system support
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Antiviral & antimicrobial

For a comprehensive overview of the health benefits of Cordyceps, watch the video below:

Imperial Cordyceps is a concentrated extract that has been produced to the highest specifications currently possible. The extract comprises both liquid-fermented Cordyceps sinensis mycelia and Cordyceps militaris fruiting bodies from silkworm larvae, mirroring the overall composition of wild Cordyceps that has been an important medicine in the East for many centuries.

Imperial Cordyceps was the name given to the finest quality Cordyceps sinensis species that was reserved for the royalty and nobility of ancient China and Tibet. However, wild Cordyceps is now the most expensive natural medicine on the planet and fetches upwards of $20,000 per kilo. Sadly it is a completely unsustainable industry that is threatening the biodiversity of the high Himalayan regions. Fortunately it is now possible to cultivate Cordyceps species to an extremely high standard that reflects the potency & quality of the famed Imperial Cordyceps of the Himalayas, and at a fraction of the price.

A considerable portion of the wild Cordyceps sinensis 'caterpillar body' would be filled with mycelium, where as the club-shaped fruiting body would extend from the head of its caterpillar host, making up the remaining share of the fungus. However, it is not currently possible to cultivate Cordyceps sinensis so that it produces a mature fruiting body. Cultivation of the mycelia on the other hand, does produce an end result that is very similar and more consistent in quality to that of its wild counterpart. For the fruiting body, another, chemically very similar species called Cordyceps militaris is used, as this species yields a medicinally potent fruiting body much more easily.

The mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis is cultivated via liquid fermentation (CS-4) while the fruiting bodies of Cordyceps militaris are grown on a substrate of silkworm larvae. The two species/parts of this fungus are then dual-extracted into pressurised hot water and then ethanol separately - a process which is repeated as many times as necessary to extract everything of therapeutic value. The extracts are then spray-freeze-dried to produce the resulting fine-grain powder as well as remove any residual ethanol/alcohol.

The extract powders are then combined and concentrated to be many times more potent by weight than the fungus was originally, prior to extraction. There are absolutely no fillers or additives used in this product whatsoever. This extract is bottled in Miron Violet Glass – the best quality glass in the world – in order to protect and preserve the integrity of this outstanding medicine from ultraviolet degradation.

Because the source material is such high quality and the extraction process is so precise and thorough, it results in the most potent & effective Cordyceps product money can buy. This is not exaggerated marketing - it is scientifically provable fact. Take a look at the authorised 'Supplement Facts' label for this product in the image gallery at the top of this page.

Like many medicinal mushrooms, Cordyceps contains unique polysaccharides (beta-glucans) that enhance immune function, but unlike other mushrooms (such as Reishi) a high percentage of beta-glucans does not indicate a quality product, because it just shows that it is either a single hot water extract, or a dual-extract where only minimal ethanol has been used. Many of the properties that Cordyceps has become so famous for - such as ATP production, libido enhancement, mental & physical rejuvenation and improved respiratory function - are the result of non-water-soluble compounds such as nucleosides like cordycepin and adenosine etc.

Therefore, a thorough and complete dual-extraction where hot water & ethanolic processes are conducted separately, yields an end product that is capable of showcasing the full spectrum of nutrients and beneficial compounds (and their associated health benefits) we are expecting from high quality Cordyceps. If a Cordyceps supplement cannot guarantee the presence and exact percentages of these bioactive markers then we must be skeptical about its value, from a therapeutic perspective.

Nyishar Imperial Cordyceps delivers a truly superior product that is a completely pure and rich source of every healing compound that the Cordyceps fungus has to offer. It provides supreme quality & potency without cutting any corners whatsoever.

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Supplement Facts

Ingredients: Organic CS-4 Cordyceps Sinensis Liquid-Fermented Mycelium, Organic Cordyceps Militaris Fruiting Body

Contains: 60g

Serving Size: 1g (half a teaspoon)

Servings Per Container: 60

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