—Ryan Eugene, New Hampshire, USA

“I was initially hesitant to purchase a consultation from a man on another continent, though I’m very glad I did. Paul gathered all the information I provided and generated an exceptionally thorough and personalized set of recommendations with detailed explanations on the reasoning for each. The consultation covered nutritional, to herbal, to movement and mental/emotionalRead more ⟶

— Rehmannia Dean Thomas, Los Angeles, USA

“Paul sent me some of his pine pollen liquid extract a few months ago and it remains one of the few tinctures (out of very many in my cabinet) that I continually grab to add into my morning smoothies. I really resonate with the mildly androgenic stamina I feel almost immediately. If you’re into refiningRead more ⟶

—Rich Marta – Northern California, USA

“We highly recommend Paul for your holistic nutritional/alternative health needs. He has studied with some notable giants in the holistic field and is a master at his trade – knowledgeable and compassionate. The whole experience is simple and comfortable. Services are rendered in a timely and surprisingly affordable manner. Both my wife and I giveRead more ⟶

—Jelena Belgrave – London, UK

“Paul has been of immense help to me shortly after I had given birth to my first baby. I have been struggling with lack of sleep and energy, constantly nursing and unable to cope with the change; thinking about it now, I was also becoming depressed with a speed of light. Paul took time toRead more ⟶

—Ben Beechley, Japan

“After a spate of sports related injuries, years of suffering from allergies and a four year battle with anxiety, I decided to research online for ways of living a healthier, less stressful life. I contacted Paul last autumn and the advice I have received since has been nothing short of excellent. Detailed yet easy toRead more ⟶

— Emma Reid – Surrey, UK

“I was, quite honestly, blown away by my consultation with Paul. He was intuitive, sensitive, accurate and so knowledgeable. He explained everything clearly and it made so much sense, followed up with a detailed email and step by step plan. Everybody needs a consult with Paul. Highly recommend.”

— Bartholomew Boumans – London, UK

“Through research I discovered that the Nyishar products were not at all a random selection of items, but a group of carefully chosen products that combine to provide both body and spirit with the tools to develop and progress. Through using these amazing products, my distinction between food and medicine completely vanished.”

— Mary J. Khalilian – Chicago, USA.

“I stumbled upon Paul’s videos through researching the benefits of medicinal mushrooms on YouTube. After listening to Paul share his knowledge I was convinced that he operates with a spirit of excellence. I highly recommend Nyishar – I have the confidence in knowing that I am getting an excellent quality product.”