Wild Himalayan Pine Pollen Powder - 100g

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  • Incredible source of nutrition
  • Anti-stress adaptogen
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Stimulates liver regeneration
  • High antioxidant content
  • Increases glutathione and SOD
  • Helps detoxify harmful substances
  • Reduces sensitivity to pain
  • Enhances fertility

Pinepollen is one of the most complete sources of nutrition foundanywhere. It boasts 20 different amino acids, 8 of which are'essential' as they cannot be synthesised in the human body and mustcome from nutrition. This makes pine pollen a complete source ofprotein. It contains omega 3 fats (ALA) as well as vitamins B1, B2,B3, B6 and B9. It also contains fat soluble vitamins A (betacarotene), E and D – pine pollen contains both vitamin D2 and thebioactive D3 which is exceptionally rare for a plant. It alsopossesses an impressive array of important trace minerals,immune-enhancing polysaccharides, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), DNAbuilding nucleic acids, live enzymes and a mass of antioxidants. Itactually stimulates the production of our body’s own endogenousantioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD).

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The thing that pine pollen has become most renowned for in the west inrecent years is its role as a powerful phyto-androgen – a plantthat contains steroid-like compounds that are identical totestosterone and other androgenic hormones like DHEA and progesteroneamongst others. This makes pine pollen a powerful medicine for theendocrine system, especially for those advancing beyond middle agewhose levels of serum androgen hormones are rapidly decreasing.However, when we buy pine pollen products we will either be buying itas a powder or an alcohol extract/tincture. The powder is deeplynourishing but doesn’t pack the same hormonal punch as the tincturesince all of the hormonal sterols in pine pollen are alcohol soluble.This is why the tincture is not really suitable for children or youngadults as they generally don’t need the increase in androgenhormones.

Thepowder is extremely versatile and can be used as a superfood powderfor smoothies and recipes, and it makes a great flour, soup thickenerand is amazing in home-made desserts! It can also be used to makeinstant drinks – both hot and cold. It is perfectly safe foreveryone to consume – men, women and children of all ages. Thetincture still provides many other benefits besides increasingandrogen hormones but is much more medicinal when compared to thepowder, which can be treated more like a food.

NyisharWild Himalayan Pine Pollen is harvested from deep within the pristine mountain environment of south eastern Tibet, far from the contamination ofindustry and civilisation. The pollen is 99% cell wall broken at alow temperature, meaning that the tough exterior of each pollen grainhas been cracked open to reveal its inner contents. This makes thedense nutrition in pine pollen up to 20% more bioavailable to humandigestion/absorption.

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Ingredients:Wild Himalayan Pine Pollen (99% cell-wall-broken) from PinusMassonia.

NetWeight: 100g

Directions:Consume 2-3 teaspoons daily per person for optimal benefit.

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