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Reishi Paragon - Concentrated Multi-Step Dual-Extract

    • Anti-stress adaptogen
    • Immune system support
    • Powerful liver tonic
    • Cardiovascular tonic
    • Respiratory tonic
    • Promotes cognition, mental clarity & emotional wellbeing
    • Supports the natural detoxifications processes of the body
    • DNA protective/cellular regeneration
    • Anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-aging, anti-fatigue
    • One jar of Reishi Paragon (150 caps) provides 2 1/2 months supply at a maintenance dose of 2 caps per day (works out at £1.20 / $1.60 for one dose)
    • For a complete breakdown of Reishi read the full monograph here
    • For an overview of Reishi's health benefits watch the video below

Reishi Paragon is created to the highest specifications possible. The Reishi itself is organically grown on natural wood logs. It is then dried, ground and extracted via pressurised hot water and then extracted via organic ethanol separately - both of these extraction processes are repeated multiple times until the mushroom material has yielded everything of medicinal value. It is subsequently spray-freeze-dried to create the resulting fine-grain powder and to ensure it is 100% free from ethanol/alcohol residue. Both extracts are then combined and concentrated at a 35:1 ratio - it has taken 35kg of whole, dried Reishi to yield just 1kg of extract powder. There are absolutely no fillers or additives used in this product whatsoever. This extract is bottled in Miron Violet Glass – the best quality glass in the world – in order to protect and preserve the integrity of this outstanding medicine from ultraviolet degradation.

Because the source material is such high quality and the extraction process is so precise and thorough, it results in the most potent & effective Reishi product money can buy. This is not exaggerated marketing - it is scientifically provable fact. Take a look at the authorised 'Supplement Facts' label for this product in the image gallery at the top of this page.

Most mushroom extracts are either hot water extracts only and contain no triterpenes at all, or they are dual-extracts (hot water & ethanol) but the dual-extraction is performed in a single step (water & ethanol combined). This produces an impure, low potency dual-extract that is low in the bioactive markers we are looking for. In regards to Reishi, a thorough & pure, multi-step extraction of high quality organic fruiting bodies should yield an end product that is rich in bioactive markers such as polysaccharides (in particular Reishi-specific beta-glucans 1>3 and 1>6) as well as triterpenes (ganoderic acids, lucidenic acids etc). There are hundreds of medicinally active compounds in Reishi, but these are some of the bioactive constituents that are naturally present in the highest quantities, are the most researched and are that are fundamentally involved in the health benefits we expect from a Reishi supplement. Therefore it is important that we can test for these as markers for a high quality Reishi extract. Beneficial effects are of course the result of an interdependent relationship between numerous compounds - some of which are in minute quantities - but if a Reishi product contains a negligible amount of beta-glucans & triterpenes then we cannot expect it to be medicinally viable.

The overwhelming majority of products will not specify the exact presence of these compounds, simply because they are not present in any significant quantity, if at all. A high percentage of polysaccharides is not a reliable marker either as many producers are using dextrin, maltodextrin or corn starch as additives to increase the overall percentage of polysaccharides, even though they are not from Reishi and contain no medicinal value. Therefore, analysing for specific beta-glucans gives us a clear picture of just how potent a Reishi supplement is, and the percentage of triterpenes will show us that a dual-extraction has indeed taken place and many important sterols & triterpenoids are present. The higher the percentages will indicate that a multi-step extraction process been performed and the product is optimally potent, as well as free from therapeutically useless fillers & additives.

Reishi Paragon exemplifies the true power of Reishi mushroom because it has been created for the sole purpose of delivering reliable quality & potency, without cutting any corners whatsoever.

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Ingredients: OrganicGanoderma lucidum dual-extract powder, size 0 vegan capsules.

Concentration: 35:1

Contains 150 capsules

Each capsule contains: 300mg of Reishi extract

ServingSize: 2 capsules (works out at £1.20 / $1.60 for one dose)

Servings Per Container: 75 (two and a half months supply)

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