RenShen - 18yr Wild-Simulated Ginseng Extract - 30ml

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited edition product made in small batches. Due to the supreme quality, high demand and the fact it is of wild-simulated origin, this product will only be available periodically.

  • One of Nature's greatest adaptogens
  • Immune system modulator
  • Central nervous system stimulant
  • Cardiovascular tonic
  • Regulates blood sugar & lipids
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Tonic to the lungs, spleen & kidneys
  • Excellent for adrenal fatigue
  • Traditionally used as a 'spirit herb' for treating the body, subtle energies & mind

Nyishar 'RenShen' is a concentrated extract of the best Ginseng in the world - 18 year old wild-simulated Panax Ginseng harvested from the protected Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve. Ginseng is a world famous herbal medicine known for providing energy & stamina, but most of what is available on the global market is young cultivated roots, harvested after just a few years of age. When we allow Ginseng to mature beyond 7 years it becomes less stimulating with a more balanced & harmonious energising effect - a well rounded potency that develops greater benefits & complexity with each passing year. Ginseng that has aged beyond 10 years is very expensive due to its superior quality, and Ginseng in it teenage years is even more sought after and more difficult to obtain.

It is wild Ginseng however, that has had the highest reputation as a supreme tonic for thousands of years throughout Asia, and is revered in traditional medical systems as a panacea. When aged it produces a sublime flavour & aroma, and the adaptogenic nature of the wild root is incomparable to it cultivated counterpart. However, wild Ginseng has been hunted to the precipice of extinction within its native ecosystems throughout Asia. Ginseng is a very important indicator species for the biodiversity of healthy forest ecosystems, so it has a lot of important work to do aside from providing medicine for people. This is why wild-simulated Ginseng is the sustainable option that we should be focusing on, as it provides medicine equal in quality to truly wild roots, without endangering the presence of Panax Ginseng in the wild.

Wild-simulated Ginseng is produced from wild seeds that have been sustainably collected from Ginseng growing out in the wilderness. The seeds are then sown in a private, protected area within the same region, where the climate and ecological factors mirror those from where the seeds were originally harvested. The plants are then left alone and allowed to grow, responding to the stresses and trials of the natural elements, while being observed from a distance. As these plants are made to fend for themselves, some of them may not make it, but the ones that do prevail are left to reach maturity and develop the complex chemical profile and balanced energetic nature that wild Ginseng is famous for. The fact that the seeds are sown by hand and the plants are grown in a private area protected from other people, means that these cannot be classified as truly wild, but 'wild-simulated'. This enables the plants to develop medicinal potency equal to their wild counterpart, but without adding further stress to Ginseng's ability to survive in the wild.

'RenShen' is the Mandarin name for Asian Ginseng, which translates as 'man root'. Ginseng earned this name firstly because the central root grows limb-like appendages that resemble human form, but also because it is believed to revitalise all 3 aspects of the human organism - the body, subtle energies and the mind.

Our 18 year old wild-simulated roots are macerated for 2 months in organic micro-distilled, hand made, small batch alcohol (40% abv).

The liquid solvent of this extract is alcohol produced from French heirloom wheat, fermented and then distilled in five separate stages. It is then filtered through pure ocean sands from a protected region of the Atlantic coast in the Dune Du Pilat. Finally, the alcohol level is reduced in successive stages with water from the ancient and deep Eocene water table from the surrounding area. This process creates the purest and highest quality solvent possible for this superlative extract.

Each bottle contains at least 15,000mg of wild-simulated Ginseng, providing 500mg per dose (30 drops/1 squirt).

Supplement Facts

Ingredients: 18 year old Wild-Simulated Panax Ginseng Root (15,000mg), Pure Quintuple-Distilled Alcohol (40% alcohol).

Bottled in Miron Violet Glass for complete UV protection.

Volume: 30ml

Serving Size: 30 drops/one full squirt

Serving Per Container: 30

Directions: Squirt the tincture into the mouth and hold underneath the tongue for two minutes before swallowing.

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